Reverse Engineering Facility by Raw Science

Raw Science is the name of the systems analysis and reverse engineering division of the Datel Group. Our talented Laboratory team is made up of Semiconductor, Optical, and Chemical technicians.

Our reverse engineering services can give your company commercial advantage by being able to bring products to market before your competitors.

Before you can produce your product you must ensure that it will perform effectively. Understanding what lies within other products can often be vital to your own design. Often tamper proof techniques have been employed which make reverse engineering all the more difficult. Software Engineers and Encryption specialists complement our intelligence team.

At Raw Science we apply the most sophisticated techniques to the analysis and reverse engineering of semiconductor and optical disc structures. Our state of the art tools help us to identify the physical structure and chemical make up of any device from a semiconductor to an optical disc.

Continued multi-million Dollar investment has helped give Raw Science the competitive edge it enjoys today.